April 2012

Anger Management

A fun project I got to work on: Angry Birds Cake for a 6 year old named Jose!

It took some field investigation to get the details of this cake just right. That means I got to play Angry Birds all night, just for the sake of studying the log pieces falling on the green pigs! ehem… ehem

This marble cake was filled with Dulce de Leche and covered in buttercream with accents in fondant.

The first tier depicted the game screen action: lots of birds flying from the sling shot and landing on pigs heads.


For the second tier (8-in) I had lots of fun with green pig figurines made out of fondant, including a pan with the stolen eggs from the Angry Birds story!


The name of the birthday boy was also incorporated on the side of the cake (I found the font online, printed the name and did a cut out on fondant). A rising sun (inspired by the opening screen in the Angry Birds game) was attached to the side of the cake and served as background for Jose’s personalized name tag on the second tier.


Jose’s favorite character is Bomb Bird (the black one), but he also requested the Egg Bird (white) and the original red cardinal. The black and the white birds were made out of marble cake as well. The red bird, as well as the sling shot were modeled out of Rice Krispie Treats. All figurines were then covered in fondant and became part of the cake topper.

Fondant figurines were done Friday morning, then I baked 6 cakes in the afternoon followed by buttercream action. Cake toppers and final details were done Saturday morning and a very happy birthday boy got to cut his cake at 3:00 p.m.

Lego Cake

A quick project I made for my boss who took this cake all the way from Atlanta to Tennessee… via bus!

[note_box]Chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and covered with fondant. Lego pieces and Lego man head made out of fondant.[/note_box]

Baking under the effects of chemo

What happens when you combine chemotherapy and baking? THIS cake!

Blame it on the drugs and the fact that birthday girl has a wide variety of interests. The fact is that I wanted to create something very special for my co-worker and friend Christan. After all, this was not just another birthday! This was Christan’s first birthday cancer-free!

So, in the weeks previous to her birthday, I started thinking about combining all her favorite things into one cake: Penguins, Lego and Star Wars… And so, the idea of this crazy cake was born.

Penguins hanging around their igloo. So far, so good… Wearing bikinis and sunglasses, killing time on a Hawaiian beach towel, shoveling snow to make “sand castles” … flip flops, surf board… these penguins were completely clueless about the reality of their igloo!

In another section of the cake, beyond the Penguin domains, there was an amazing thing happening. The place the Penguins had come to  know as home, was hiding a dark secret… a BIG secret… a secret the size of a spaceship! … The Penguins igloo was no other than the Death Star!!!

And to make things more complicated, another element was added to the cake: The most amazing fact since Luke Skywalker learned who was his father. The igloo / Death Star peels back to reveal that the spaceship is made out of Lego!


And that’s how you make a Penguin – Start Wars – Lego fan happy! 🙂

Chocolate cake (8-in) and vanilla cake (sphere) covered in fondant. Buttercream filling on both cakes. Hand painted details on space ship.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

I LOVE Hello kitty!!! As I type these lines and look at the back door of my kitchen, there is a key chain hanging on the door knob… Hello Kitty! When they draw blood from my arms and I need to cover the needle mark, I have Hello Kitty Band Aids! I have Hello kitty pajamas, purses and even undies! But then again maybe that’s more information than you needed on this post!

So, you can only imagine the excitement I had when I was asked to bake some cupcakes for two sweet little sisters. The theme: Hello Kitty!

I had lots of fun working with their Mom and figuring out a cute solution for this special occasion:

But the most exciting part of this project was making Cake Pops for the very first time! I followed this tutorial step by step and ended up with:

  • The Good (cake pops that were actually presentable)
  • The Bad (cake pops that didn’t behave and ended up with melted ears or some other issue)
  • The Ugly (cake pops from the chamber of horrors: Hello Kitty heads perforated by their own sticks. Only suitable for my husband, the cake tester, who determined that once it is in your belly, the looks don’t count!

Unfortunately, somehow I deleted all the pictures related to this picture. So all i have left is my phone snaps and the photos that Birthday Mom gracefully shared with me! 🙂

Cake toppers are so cute but very time consuming, comparing to my usual cupcakes. Perhaps I need to crumble cakes more often and perfect my non-existent skill for sweet treats on a stick!

At the end everything turned out just fine: Cupcakes and Cake Pops were received with a smile …