First Communion celebration

During the month of May, many Catholic churches in the area celebrate First Communions.

What a joyful and special occasion! After the ceremony, the families gather with friends and enjoy a delicious meal, and of course, some cake! ūüôā

This year I had the privilege of helping a few families with their cake projects for this special celebration. Today’s post highlights only one of them.

For Ian’s First Communion I worked on a cupcake tower¬†featuring a beautiful top cake with hand molded figurines that represent elements of the Holy Eucharist.

This cupcake tower had 35 marble cakes (vanilla-chocolate) filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and a “host” made out of Marshmallow fondant (my mother-in-law came to visit about a week ago and I recruited her hands to help me cutting dozens of “hosts” out of sugar paste!!! If you ever come to visit me, please be advise that I will find a job for you during your stay!)


The little cake on top (6in. diameter) was 5 in. tall and had 4 layers of marble cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream in between. A chocolate lovers dream!

My crumb coat this time was a delicious thick layer of chocolate ganache that allowed me to have super sharp edges on the cake, and a very nice and smooth surface to be covered with Marshmallow Fondant. My kitchen smelled so good, and it was soooo relaxing covering the cake with melted chocolate and cream!


Once the fondant settled on the cake, I was able to add all the extra decorations: Little balls covered in purple luster dust were used as grapes. Longer pieces of marshmallow fondant were molded and airbrushed to represent the bread (all those years watching my father making bread from scratch paid of!!!!) Even a chalice came to life thanks to my new best friend: Clay Candy (a malleable product made out of candy melts and corn syrup, which makes it super elastic and easy to work with!)


Delivery Boy was out of town so it was up to me to deliver this cake under the most impressive downpour that we have had this spring! There I was, loading cakes and “scuba-driving” for an hour until I reached my destination! Thankfully, the rain¬†miraculously¬†stopped the moment I arrived, and the cakes made it just fine.

The house was beautifully decorated, and a special spot had been designated for the cake. Like a Sweet Fairy Godmother I placed all the cupcakes and added some special elements to complete the design: wheat heads all around the base, as well as red accents to go along with the decorations. when we turned on the lights in the alcove  the cake looked so amazing!

A very special place for the cake!

A very special place for the cake!

I look forward to more sweet projects this month!