August 2013

Minecraft Girl

The excuse:

The birthday celebration of a young girl who is a great fan of Minecraft, the videogame.  

The Cake:

A square cake, with alternate layers of chocolate and yellow cake (5 total) and Swiss Meringue Buttercream filling. Covered with semi-sweet chocolate ganache and decorated with a mosaic of over 400 tiny squares of fondant (approximately 81 squares per side) to simulate the “pixelated” blocks that are used in the videogame.

A Traveler’s Cake


A birthday celebration is always a good excuse to bake a cake! But when the Birthday Boy is also planning a trip to the other side of the pond, the cake calls for a special theme: A Traveler’s Cake!


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A Hand Painted Cake


A little cake with plenty of hand painted details all around!


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