A Star is Born!


Celebrating the Graduation of a “Drama Queen” !


The Story behind this cake:

My friend’s daughter, Allie, has always had an inclination for all things drama. Ever since she was a little tiny bean, she would participate in her school plays, sing with no fear in public, and make acquaintances with a microphone as if it were her best friend!
When the time came to go to college, Allie pursued a carrier in Drama and graduated in 2014.

To celebrate this special occasion, her Mom asked me to make a cake that would reflect Allie’s love for theater, and that’s how this cake came to be.  Allie had participated in many plays during her school years, and I wanted to reflect that on the cake. She is also a “playful happy-go-lucky kinda girl” and I thought it would be fun to make a cake that was as whimsical as some of the characters she has portrayed in these past years.

The Cake:

3 tiers of cake stacked at an angle would incorporate edible “playbills” of some of the plays in which Allie had participated until then.
The flavors on the cake were: white chocolate cake and raspberry filling; chocolate fudge cake and mocha Swiss meringue buttercream; and another tier with Piña Colada notes (Rum-Vanilla cake with Pineapple Swiss meringue buttercream and pineapple topping to make things extra sweet!)  The cakes smelled amazing!

My friend gave me a list of all the plays that Allie had participated in and I created playbills for most of them. Also, for her graduation project, Allie was to present a monologue of her own and the picture on her own flyer was used to create a playbill for her cake!

Another fun detail I added was a miniature version of Audrey II, the carnivore plant at the center of The Little Shop of Horrors, which is the last play Allie participated in as a student in Berry College. I was so impressed with the puppet the students made for that plant! Using Styrofoam, fabric and paint, they were able to make a giant flower that would eat all of the characters in the play, as well as some members of the audience…

This is me, just about to be eaten by a gigantic carnivore flower (The Little Shop of Horrors at Berry College - March 2014)

This is me, just about to be eaten by a gigantic carnivore flower (The Little Shop of Horrors at Berry College – March 2014)

So, incorporating a mini version of such colorful character, was the next item on my list for the design of Allie’s cake.

These pictures illustrate how I made the Audrey II carnivore flower for the cake:

Building the Cake:

Due to the crazy angles that I had in mind, I had to design a special structure to support the 3 tiers of cake as well as 2 Styrofoam dividers. The concept was pretty simple: A big round wooden base from the hardware store, a 3/4in pole inserted on the base, and then tiers of cake stacked on the center pole (along with a bunch of straws that helped to distribute the weight of each tier)


Calculating the placement of the center pole for cake support. I ended up not using the first divider at the bottom.


Planning the structure of the cake: Boards and Styrofoam dividers

And here are some photos on how I stacked the cakes:

Then it was just a matter of adding decorations on the cake:

  • The playbills had to take center place (Allie’s own playbill was the most prominent, with her fuchsia colors on the dress)
  • Drama masks (Comedy and Tragedy)
  • The top tier was to display a curtain with a big star with Allie’s name on it
  • Audrey II had to find a special place on the cake board
  • Green tentacles made our of modeling chocolate gave the cake its final playful look!
Drama Cake for Allie

Drama Cake

Congratulations Allie!!! May all your hard work be rewarded. May you become a big star!