Morgan & Adam’s Wedding Cake


My First Wedding Cake!


The Story behind this cake:

The most artistic bride ever, Morgan, was engaged to marry the most handsome groom (after my husband, that is!) and I had the honor to work on their wedding cake this Spring! Morgan had such a clear vision from Day 1! From the shape of the cake, to the flavors, the topper… it was all in her head half a year before the ceremony! My awesome artist bride handed me a sketch of the cake she had in mind and we went from there!


Morgan’s sketch for her wedding cake

The design had to incorporate a willow tree topper and a real tree stump! So, I collected ideas, took photos of her wedding items and went home to work.  These are some of the things that I used as inspiration:

And this is one of my sketches for the cake: sketch Which then turned into 3D ideas: I made a model in the actual scale of the cake and brought it with me on my second consultation. Along with the model, I had a series of overlays on parchment paper to explore different designs on the cake, a cake stand and, of course there was the infamous tree stump!


A 3D model of the cake

So, now that we had a plan, it was time to turn on my oven and get baking!

The Cake:

For this particular project I baked a bunch of White Chocolate cakes with Raspberry filling. Then we added a chocolate cake last minute and ended up with 3 tiers instead of the original 2 on the sketch.

I had fun creating all sorts of edible details for the cakes: sugar lace, sugar brooches, etc.

And then, after many hours of patient work, the cake came to life!


Morgan & Adam's Wedding Cake

Morgan & Adam’s Wedding Cake… tree stump and everything!

Have a piece of cake! Wedding cake and groom's cake slices. Photo courtesy of wedding guest.

Have a piece of cake! Photo courtesy of a wedding guest.