TARDIS Groom’s Cake


The most awesome Groom’s Cake for a Dr. Who fan!


The Story behind this cake:

On the occasion of Morgan and Adam’s wedding, in the Spring of 2014, I worked on two marvelous cakes for them. A 3 tiered wedding cake and a Groom’s Cake, that would illustrate the love of her husband-to-be for a science fiction British TV series called Dr. Who.

Dr. Who you said? No idea who Dr. Who was until this cake idea came into my life! 😉

So, I started to do some research. Luckily Netflix had a bunch of episodes available and pretty soon I was hooked! I would find myself enjoying countless hours of time traveling in a blue box that is “smaller on the outside” all for the sake of investigation!

I prepared for months for this project: from the sculpted figurines, to the execution of the cake details, it was great fun! By the time the wedding day came a new “doctor” had debuted and a cycle of new episodes was about to begin. The happy couple has been married for a few months now, but I will always remain a fan of Dr. Who thanks to them! 😉


Dr. Who 50th Anniversary - Photo courtesy of BBC

Dr. Who 50th Anniversary – Photo courtesy of BBC


The Cake:

TARDIS (Photo from wikipedia)

TARDIS (Photo from wikipedia)

The T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time and Relative Dimension iSpace) looks like an old police calling box from England. The symmetry of the box made it the most perfect object to sculpt out of cake!

For the cake itself, the bride had such clear vision of what it should look like, and taste!

She had her heart settled on a Blue Velvet Cake, which I filled with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttecream.

Getting the color right required an awful amount of blue food colorant, but she was aware of this detail and wanted to move forward with the project anyways.  During the party, after the cake had been cut and served, it was evident which guests had tasted the TARDIS cake… their tongues were all blue! LOL

It really was funny!

The Rolling Stones - Blue Tongue Logo Patch


So, to build this cake I began by baking a 12in square cake. I added blue food coloring and a pinch of violet to the batter in order to achieve the bright color on this buttermilk based recipe that yielded the most delicious and moist cake! 🙂  It is very important that you add a few drops of violet to the batter, otherwise your cake will look turquoise rather than blue!


If you want a blue cake, you add pure blue food coloring to the batter, right? The answer is NO!


The true blue color in the batter comes from a mix of Blue + VIOLET food coloring! Who would have “thunk” … 😛


After leveling the cakes, I trimmed them to form smaller squares of 6in x 6in. A total of 6 tiers were stacked in order to reach the right proportion for the police box. Then, a few minutes in the freezer and a crumbcoat later, the cakes were ready to be decorated!


Decorating the cake was the fun part!

I got my hands on the blueprints of the TARDIS to make sure I had the correct proportions on the doors, the signs and other details of the police box.

A week before the wedding, I prepared a humongous amount of blue modeling chocolate and “built” the walls of the box. The advantage of using modeling chocolate as opposed to regular fondant was that it allowed me to work on many details in advance, without compromising the flavor of the cake (I love the taste of modeling chocolate! And it’s so easy to work with! 😉

So, I printed a few sets of the TARDIS facade, rolled out the blue modeling fondant, took out my cutter and began my work, just as a seamstress prepares the fabric to create a fancy dress. Thanks Mom for teaching me all these principles in sewing, even though I can’t even sew a button on my shirt! I hate needles, but I have all the patience of the world for making cakes! go figure! 😉


So, here comes the fun part: Following patterns to obtain “doors” out of modeling chocolate:

… and stacking every piece to form the side walls/doors:


So… you repeat the process 4 times and obtain 4 sets of doors/walls. Let them sit for several days (the modeling chocolate then becomes harder and easier to apply to the walls of the crumbcoated cake) and protect your creation from dust until it’s time to use it (My china cabinet became Headquarters for modeling chocolate during that week! 😉

One more step was needed before I could call it a day: Airbrushing! The amount of detail that popped up after I painted the surface of each set of doors was amazing! And I was happy I could get this done days in advance as I was afraid my whole kitchen would be covered in blue particles of edible paint that would stain the white wedding cake!

Here are some of the photos of the airbrushing process:


After all the pieces were finished, it was just a matter of attaching them onto the cake. On the original sketch I had for the cake, the idea was to have the groom and the bride coming out of the TARDIS. One of the panels was left unfinished, so that I could attach the “open door” to it. The door was made of gumpaste and it took several days to finish as it required several layers of paint, plus the time needed for the gumpaste to become hard:


The Figurines:

And last but not least… the figurines! Originally meant to be 100% edible, I ended up sculpting them on polymer clay, that way the newlyweds could preserve their figurines as a memento from their wedding day! 😉

The figurines were sculpted after the bride and groom’s outfits. At the time, the groom was returning from a military assignment in Korea and the figurine is wearing an exact replica of his uniform. Even the ribbons on his chest, were hand painted to match his uniform!  The bride, on the other hand, had the most beautiful lace dress and pearls around her neck and looked like a doll herself! Her little figurine had a bouquet with white roses. Each petal was attached individually to form the rose bud!


And that, my friends, is how you build a TARDIS Cake! 😉





TARDIS and Wedding Cake (I added LED blue lights to the base of the groom’s cake for a crazy Time Travelers effect. 😛


Ready for the reception! 😀


Wedding Cake (on a tree stump!) and TARDIS Groom’s Cake at reception venue


Wedding Cake (on a tree stump!) and TARDIS Groom’s Cake – Final display


TARDIS Groom’s Cake – Final display


Screenshot from the Facebook page of The Vinings Club (permanently closed)