Corina’s Graduation Cupcakes!


Cupcakes that tasted like victory!


The Story behind this cake:

Photography and video production were Corina’s favorite subjects in school, so, when her graduation time came (in May 2014) her Mom wanted to have a cupcake tower to celebrate Corina’s passion and creativity. She also wanted to display photos of Corina on her first day of school, to the very last day. And! she had a very special request regarding flavors for the cupcakes…

The Cake:

There’s nothing unusual about Chocolate Mint and Butterpecan, you might say. But Coca-Cola Cupcakes? I had never heard of them! As I understand, Corina’s grandma would bake a Coca Cola cake on each birthday, so adding this flavor to the celebration was a nostalgic note that I embraced with enthusiasm!  The recipe I was given had no secret formula: it is posted in the Coca Cola Company’s website for all to see!

… As I read the ingredients, I could not possibly foresee the disaster that was about to happen in my kitchen! … I measured a little bit of flour here, a little bit of cocoa there… added Coca Cola later on… The recipe did say I had to boil the Coca Cola with the cocoa powder, right? Who knows! … Let’s try it this way …

But first, we needed REAL COKE! I sent my husband on a crazy chase for Real Coca Cola (sweetened with sugar cane as opposed to High Fructose Syrup per Mom’s request.) My errand Boy never lets me down, and this was no exception! He showed up with 2 beautiful [slimmer] bottles of the precious liquid that he found in the “international aisle” of the local grocery store (it’s imported from Mexico!)

So, here we go… ready to use my vintage Coca-Cola bottle opener (my father had one exactly like this in the store he owned when I was 4!) … and POP! We had Coca-Cola ready to go!


But then … as I began pouring the coke, it reacted with the cocoa powder in the bowl and I can’t even begin to describe HOW FAST that mixture started to bubble and grow out of control…. higher, higher, higher…. exploding all over my face, my hands, my kitchen walls, my counters… the floor!!!!!!!! Darn chemistry class! I should have paid more attention then!


It was a disaster! And now I was left with half the amount of cocoa and only one more bottle of coca cola to try this recipe again. At the end, who knows what the infamous Coca-Cola cupcakes tasted like. I want to think they were chocolaty enough to trigger the family’s memory of cakes past but reality is that the recipe was altered so much, I really don’t know!

Explosions aside, the cupcakes turned out to be great! And we even got to stay to celebrate Corina’s special day!

Here are some photos of her cupcake tower. 😉 The cake on top was choco mint (you could actually smell the mint in the buttecream filling when I inserted the candy stars!)

Congratulations Corina! Hope your dreams take you as far as Cola-n-Cocoa combined can go!





A few days after the party, I found this post on my friend’s FB wall:

Finally dug into Corina’s graduation cake today.
It tastes like victory!