Peggy & Joe’s Wedding Cake


A Wedding Cake to Dream About!


The Story behind this cake:

My friends from church, Peggy & Joe, got married in July 2014 and I had the honor to bake a special cake just for them!

What a sweet couple they are! Joe is such a gentleman, with a witty sense of humor. Peggy is a joyful soul, and her eyes seem to beam when she looks at Joe, as we sit down to talk about cakes! I love, love, love this couple!

Armed with color swatches, wedding dress photos, and several cake ideas, they were a pleasure to work with!

The first ideas for the cake involved a traditional 3 tier cake with a swag and “little dots” on the sides. So, taking advantage of my new toy (a drawing tablet) I played a little bit and presented a few variations on the same idea, based on Peggy’s notes for her dream cake.

I had lots of fun experimenting with the drawing tablet and these are my first attempts at digital sketching:

And from all those sketches, this is the one that we settled for: a revised version of all the elements on the previous sketches:


Peggy & Joe: Semi-final Cake design ideas

But then, a week before the wedding, they had a change of heart and decided to go with a completely different approach. One of the sketches that I had presented to them originally became the base of the final design for Peggy & Joe’s wedding cake:


Peggy & Joe: Final design (with a couple of variations on the swags)

The Cake:

I baked a 3 tier cake with an extended tier in the middle. So, in reality I was working with 4 main cakes, but 2 of them were combined to achieve the extra tall tier effect.

The flavors that they selected were yummy:

  • White Chocolate Cake and Raspberry Filling with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream, covered in white chocolate ganache and Marshmallow fondant
  • Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake and Mocha Swiss Meringue Buttercream covered in dark chocolate ganache and Marshmallow fondant
  • White Almond Cake and Almond Praline Swiss Meringue Buttercream (which added a crunchy texture to the silky icing. Yum yum!)

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot pf pictures of the process on this cake (things got complicated in my non-cake life, and I found myself trying to finish this project while going to the airport to pick up a stranded friend, as well as picking up my sister at 4:30 a.m. on the day of the wedding!!! Then back to the airport,. then back to my cake… Sleeping was SO overrated on that Independence Day weekend!!! LOL)

The only photo that I managed to take of the process was the extended middle tier before the fondant went on. I think it looks cool how two different flavors of ganache merged together for a smooth finish! The bottom cake was chocolate/mocha buttercream and the top cake had the White Almond/Almond praline Buttercream inside. This tier was about 11in tall, and 8in diameter. Very heavy!


Extended Middle tier: White chocolate ganache on top, dark chocolate ganache on the bottom


The Delivery:

Delivering this cake is worth a few extra words! With the help of my sister, who was visiting that week, we managed to place this HEAVY cake in the car and began our 20mi. journey to the place of the reception, a beautiful inn in Marietta, GA. The cake arrived in one piece and once at the venue, we prepared ourselves to take the cake inside. There was no service cart available at the inn, so we had to walk with the cake from the parking lot to the building, just a few steps from the car. Not a big deal!


The cake is falling! The cake is falling!


We were tired and confused, and began to walk with the cake when suddenly my sister decided to stop. Her face has horror written all over, her mouth is moving but I can’t understand what she says… something about the cake is falling, which I though was odd because I am standing in front of her, holding the cake, and I can clearly see that the cake is not going anywhere. But my sister continued to panic and began folding her body in such way that the cake was now at an angle! While she is trying to balance herself AND the cake on one leg… SAY WHAT??? 


We moved the cake back to the car because my sister was convinced it was going to fall, and then with the help of the event coordinator, we tried to move the heavy cake, once again… A few steps away, so close… yet so far… That cake was heavy!

And then, it finally landed safely on the silver cake stand that the inn had set aside. I couldn’t believe we had made it! And then, we tried to understand why my sister felt so sure that the thing was out of balance… Did you say “balance”? As in, that little indicator on the back of people’s heads that allows them to know if something is leveled or not? “Balance” as in: something that people with vertigo lack? … My sister, poor thing, was diagnosed with vertigo a couple of years ago. And although she has come a long way with her recovery, there are things that still surprise her every now and then… Holding a tall, heavy cake, apparently is one of those things that her brain doesn’t know how to interpret and that’s why she insisted in balancing the poor cake at an extreme angle!

I am so thankful it didn’t fall off! And now we know that delivering cakes is not something my sister should do on a regular basis, but I sure appreciated her help and moral support throughout the night, and during the delivery of this dreamy cake! Luv ya, sis! <3

My vertiginous sister and I, at the reception venue.

My vertiginous sister and I, at the reception venue.


And here is the final cake, dreamy as it can be… AND standing just fine, in one single piece:



Peggy & Joe’s Wedding Cake


Detail of sugar brooch on the front of the cake


Close up of the cake. The front also displayed an edible plaque with the monogram of the newlyweds: J Y P