Minions Celebrate!


A Minions Cake for little Lilly!


The Story behind this cake:

Little Lilly is a beautiful little girl with the most amazing blue eyes! Looking at her, dressed like a Disney princess, is hard to believe all the things she has been through in her short life. For almost two years now, Lilly has been under the care of a foster family. A family that has given her the love, support, and safety that her own biological parents were not able to provide. And now, after a long process and countless meetings with the judge, her foster parents get to adopt her officially! Lilly has finally found her Forever Home and such marvelous occasion deserved to be celebrated with cake!

The Cake:

Lilly’s loves Minions, those funny yellow creatures from the movie Despicable Me. What a great theme to work with! I began by baking 6 cakes that later on would turn into a 2-tier cake for her, with an additional Minion Cakelet on the top.

The Minion cakelet had Rice Krispie Treats on his “brain”. The rest of his body was white cake and Vanilla Swiss Meringue buttercream, covered with white chocolate ganache. Time was limited and I forgot to document the process! But here are a couple of photos of the making of the cakelet:

The middle tier represented the crazy Purple Minion. One of these days I will sit down and watch the movie, and see what that Minion is all about! … Until then, I will continue to wonder why his teeth are so crooked and why his color is different too! 😛 Purple Minion tier was also white cake and Vanilla Swiss Meringue buttercream, covered with white chocolate ganache and marshmallow fondant icing. White Cake and Vanilla Buttercream are Lilly’s favorite flavors! 😉


Purple Minion Tier

The bottom tier was my favorite element of the cake, because it really represented the happy occasion of Lilly’s Final Adoption! Three little minions: 2 boys and 1 girl in the middle, holding hands. The minions on the side represented Lilly’s new big brothers. Each of them was holding a red heart balloon with one hand and Lilly’s with the other hand.

Three Little Minions Siblings! They represented Lilly and her two new brothers!

Three Little Minions Siblings! They represented Little Lilly and her two new brothers!

Lilly’s Minion in the middle had a cute pink dress on. And, if you look closely, you will notice her blue pupil, just like the real Lilly! Originally I had cut 2 eyes for each Brother Minion, but I ended up leaving one of them with 1 eye only, so that he and Lilly would resemble each other, like brother’s and sisters with the same DNA usually do. This bottom tier was yellow cake and Dulce de Leche filling, my favorite combination in the whole wide world! The Dulce de Leche is imported from Costa Rica. I just happened to bring a giant bucket of it on my last trip! Yum Yum! Just as the other tiers, the cake was covered with white chocolate ganache and then a layer of Marshmallow fondant. All decorations were made out of fondant and modeling chocolate. Everything you see on the cake was edible, except for the cake boards, the cake plates and the straws that I used inside for internal support! I was grateful for every single one of them as the cake survived an hour long commute from my house and not a single crumb was lost during delivery!


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Minions Cake! 🙂

I must say, this cake turned out to be super cute! And then, to see the happy faces of everybody as we entered the party, was priceless! What an honor it was to bake this cake!

Here is a photo of Lilly and her father outside the courthouse, on the day of her adoption! On a Facebook post, he wrote:


Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above!


Lilly & Dad

Lilly & Dad


 May the rest of Lilly’s life be as sweet as her Adoption Cake!