About The Cupcake Maker

The Cupcake Maker is a housewife, mother of a 4-legged creature named Georgia, and breast cancer survivor since 2012. She lives in Atlanta, GA, with her husband who serves as Quality Control Supervisor and Moral Support Manager. He also performs other important tasks such as Errand Boy, Delivery Boy and Laundry Boy! (not directly related to baking, but very important duty, nonetheless. Without my husband, all my aprons would be dirty!)

Cake Love: The Origins!

The Cupcake Maker grew up with fresh made bread on the table every morning (her father owned a bakery in Costa Rica, for more than 20 years). Her mother, a hard working woman, always encouraged her to explore new recipes and break many eggs. But her love for cakes is probably the result of happy memories, around the table, with the creations made from scratch by her Aunt (Tía Merce).

As a single woman with no children, Tía Merce would always make sure that all her nieces and nephews had a special cake baked for their special occasion. The flavor of the cake would always be vanilla (yellow cake made from scratch) and the frosting would always be mocha. She would allow the children to sit next to her mixer and follow all the process with their eyes and fingers ready (you never know when a dollop of cake batter would splash on your face… These were the days when salmonella was not an issue. Our bodies became resistant to any bacteria found in raw eggs and our palates enjoyed the pleasure of licking the empty bowl and the beaters at the end of the process!).


Mocha Buttercream, my forever first love…


And then, when the time came to decorate the cake, we died and went to heaven if she asked us to clean the frosting off the beaters with our tongues, like metallic popsicles covered with coffee goodness (mocha was always the selected flavor. In fact, I never knew there were other options for frosting out there until a few years later!). My aunt would simply spread the mocha buttercream onto the cake, with the help of a spatula, and then use a fork to create some funky pattern on the frosting as we lacked other sweet decorations to go along with the cake.

Cake supply stores were not common in my town, and internet shopping was out of the question 30 years ago, so you could imagine my surprise when Tía Merce and my Mom managed to find plastic figurines of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs for my 7th birthday! Probably one of the most memorable sweet gifts I ever got!



At age 7, my auntie suprised me with a Mocha cake featuring Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs!
Happy memories with my cousins and grandfather on the back. August 1981



How can’t you just love cakes if they always bring these amazing memories back?

As we grew up, we started baking our own goodies and continued experimenting in the kitchen with various results (like the day that I mistakenly used Baking Soda instead of Baking Powder in my cake, and everybody got sick!).

Hamburger Cake – November 2006

And then life happened, I went to Architecture School and exchanged buttercream with blue prints. Then I got married and moved to the United States, and exchanged the blue prints with baptismal records (I was hired as a bilingual secretary at our church, and continue to enjoy my work there).

My baking pans were in storage for a few years.

But then, suddenly, my love for baking resurfaced… The trigger was my cousins’ son’s first birthday (let me know if you need me to include a genealogy tree, words can make you dizzy when all you are trying to say is that you baked your godchild’s cake when he turned 1!) His Hamburger Cake would be the first one of many other sweet projects that I would make for friends and family in the years to come. From Baby Showers to Wedding Anniversaries, special milestones (like my husband’s 40th birthday) and very special moments like my sister’s wedding, the result at the end is always the same: a smile on the other side of the plate!

The Cupcake Maker bakes for the fun of it. She has never attended cake decoration classes officially. Instead, 95% of all the things she has learned in the kitchen comes from hours of intense research on Google and YouTube. LOL

The Cupcake Maker got her name after a bake-a-thon in The Middle of Nowhere (upstate New York), where she sculpted a Camera Cake for a friend’s milestone. Up until this day, it is quite possible that this little town still doesn’t know that her given name is Patricia!  But that’s OK with her. The name started as The Cake Maker. Cupcakes came later, but that’s a different story. The important thing for now is that she fell in love with those little pieces of heaven that fit in one hand and the smiles that she gets when she offers them to friends and family.

The Cupcake Maker photographed by her husband, in their backyard

Usually, The Cupcake Maker can be found baking in her own kitchen, in Atlanta. Every now and then she has the opportunity of spreading powdered sugar outside the county line. Her sweets have been enjoyed by little people and not-so-little people in Utah, New York and her home country, Costa Rica.

She continues to experiment new techniques and ideas found online or suggested by friends. This blog is her attempt to create a written record of all her sweet and savory adventures.

All images and content on this website are property of The Cupcake Maker, unless otherwise credited. Images may be used on other blogs, along with credit and link back to The Cupcake Maker.

Smile and Enjoy!